Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best: to outdo, outflank, trump, beat out, crush, trounce. Synonyms: Auburn

What do Southern Living, Sports Illustrated and The Atlanta Journal all have in common? They see the Auburn that the rest of us see, and they LOVE it.

This week Southern Living named Auburn as one of the 'Best College Towns.' The criteria? "A population under 200,000 so that the school has an incredibly strong impact on the town. A lively local scene with good, affordable restaurants, independent boutiques, and support of the arts. A dedicated and active alumni base. A healthy dose of Southern charm." In a nutshell, that's Auburn! Check out the full story here.

Sports Illustrated can't seem to get enough Auburn and our traditions. Auburn has been named number 6 of 10 'Best Game Days' and we can't agree more! Keep up the good work Auburn fans. Full story here.

Sports Illustrated also named the Top 10 'Best Traditions' in College Football. Auburn fell right into the number 2 slot with our WAR EAGLE battle cry! I don't care if you even like Auburn, seeing that eagle fly and hearing the crowd roar is unforgettable. This tradition can give even the biggest Alabama fan goosebumps. 

Hit by a snowstorm
The Atlanta Journal travel section featured a story on Auburn just last week. Once again, Auburn prevails as the best of the best when it comes to traditions. Author Blake Guthrie speaks of Auburn as a place "steeped in tradition," and he says after an Auburn win Toomer's appears as though it "has been hit by a snow storm." Of any of the above, this is a must read.

We get e-mails and read stories frequently about the Auburn Family and the community. We know this is a place of tradition, that we have some of the best and most respectable fans, and that game day on the Plains is the best of the best. Keep up the good work Auburn and the surrounding community. "They" can say whatever they want and rank us however they please, but they can't take away our traditions and value.

Only 10 days until kickoff. Can I get a WAAAAARRR EAGLE?

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