Thursday, July 24, 2014

Helpful Hints for Gameday

It’s less than 40 days until football season (not like we’re counting!) and we absolutely can’t wait to open against Arkansas on August 30, 2014, and see Auburn fans from all over the country back in the loveliest village! Whether you’re tailgating, going to the game or even visiting Auburn for the first time, here are some great ways to get the most out of your game day experience.
Somewhere to Stay

It’s a common misconception that there’s nowhere to stay in Auburn when it comes close to football season! While certain game weekends fill up quickly, the hotels are never 100% full. However, if you go online to check a certain hotel, sometimes it will say there’s no availability – not true! The staff at the tourism bureau calls all of the hotels every week leading up to football season to check rooms and rates, and there are always rooms available! Go to the homepage and click on the spinning football – you can view the football availability, week by week, including minimum rates for every hotel. 

Here's what the football availability looks like!
If you’re still having trouble, give us a call at 334-887-8747. We can help you find a room!

 Packing the Essentials

It’s easy to remember to pack your orange and blue and your famous chip dip for your tailgate – but here are some items commonly forgotten that can make or break your gameday.

1. Sunglasses and sunscreen: Absolutely essential for games on the plains! Depending on the time of the game, you might be sitting in the sun and/or squinting to see the eagle fly. Don’t get sunburned or miss the iconic tradition – remember to pack sun protection to keep your skin and eyes healthy!

2. Shakers: How many times have you walked into the stadium and realized you didn’t have a shaker? Shakers are essential for cheering, so unless you want to buy one when you get in town, pack your lucky shaker first (next to your Auburn shirt!)

3. Portable phone charger: This is a new addition to the must-have list. Phone batteries die quickly on gameday (between the Instagram photos, checking the scores of other games and even trying to send a text in the stadium.) Pick up a portable one and charge it up before you leave – that way you won’t be hunting around for an outlet when you should be having fun! You can pick them up almost anywhere, including grocery stores and gas stations.

4. Toilet Paper: Do we even have to explain this one?

Enjoying the Events

The main event on a football weekend is, of course, the football game. But there’s always more to do before and after the game! Check out the calendar here – some of our favorites are Football, Fansand Feathers and AUsome Amphibians and Reptiles!

A turkey vulture at the Southeastern Raptor Rehabilitation Center.

Finding Your Way Around

Auburn is easy to navigate, but when thousands of fans stream in to watch their Tigers play, it can get confusing! Check out for a parking map of where you can park on campus, but there are plenty of off-campus parking options too. Many establishments will sell parking spots, but be sure not to park anywhere you will get towed (like restaurants or apartment complexes).  The tourism bureau also operates shuttles that go to the hotels and other main locations, like TigerTown and the Village Mall. All of that information can be found here
And, of course, you can’t forget to eat. If you’re still peckish after your tailgate, check out the Best Bites list to see where to go after the game (or for brunch the next morning!)
One of our favorite "bites" - the crab cake and avocado sandwich from Amsterdam Cafe! 

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