Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why I love Auburn & Opelika

No sugar coating... no fluff. I really and truly love this place. As a native of Chicago, (yes, I am forever stuck with a Midwestern accent) I have learned to appreciate all of the amazing things that the South and this area have to offer. So, here is a list of the things I love.

-Summertime. When the mass amount of students (I was one of them just a year ago) clear out, the drive to work is cut in half and the weather is H-O-T.

-Drinks and 'small plates' at Piccolo.

-Eating. I love food. Our 'Top 10 Eats' restaurants are simply the best. My favorite cheap eats would be Toomer's Drug while I prefer to be wined and dined at Cafe 123 downtown Opelika.

-Azaleas... especially the ones in front of Samford Hall.

-My co-workers. Nope, no one paid me to say that. They simply are the best. Everyone who knows them reminds me frequently 'how lucky I am,' and I agree!

-The farmers market at Ag Heritage Park and at the Courthouse Square in Opelika. Support your local farmers AND get delicious food? Count me in!

-Free parking downtown at certain times of year... because it gives me an excuse to go shop!

-Kiesel Park, dog park heaven for my sweet dog Lady.

-Free events.  SummerNight Downtown Art Walk in Auburn, Noon Tunes in Opelika, Summer Swing in Opelika and the list goes on...

My favorite mascot
-Aubie. Hands down the coolest mascot. I don't care if you are 4 years old or 80 years old... you know you smile when you see him.

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  1. Not just drinks and small bites at Piccolo. Also live jazz most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!